The 6th annual of Macao International Innovation & Invention Expo (MIIEX) brought inventors and entrepreneurs together with industry representatives in one convenient sightseeing place- World travel and leisure Centre. The Expo took place between 13th to 16th July 2018 in Macao Science Centre, under the patronage of International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) and which is sponsored by Education and Youth Affairs Bureau.


Over the years, the Expo has attracted many attentions and participants coming from over 26 participating countries, regions and cities around the world with over 1000 inventive exhibits from over 2000 participants. The Expo is so far the largest invention exhibition and competition in Macao.


IP Seminar in MIIEX 2018The Expo gathered many young inventors and entrepreneurs around the world to interflow and share their invention experiences. “Invite them in and introduce them out” is the way to promote popularization of scientific knowledge and facilitate the progress and development of science and technology. “Give a hand and help to move” is a way to emphasize the crucial position of Macao in “One Belt One Road”. This also allow overseas exhibitors and visitors to have an opportunity to experience four hundred fifty years of history of the Sino-Portuguese culture and the great change of Macao after the return of Macao to the motherland.  During the MIIEX, an IP Seminar was also held at Macao Science Centre hosted by Dr.Perry, IP Professor of Macau City University.



IFIA Award WinnerThis year, there were more than 40 contestants from Macao to compete with other 120 contestants coming from China and overseas for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. In the award ceremony, IFIA Best Invention Medal was awarded to Mr. Wong, Wai-hong for his invention titled “The Hollow Slab Formwork” selected and examined by the international jury board.




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