Smart Care Tech, a non-profit organization from Sudan joins IFIA full members after gaining the majority of votes during IFIA’s 21st virtual executive committee meeting held on 29 October 2018. The association aims to support the community of inventors and entrepreneurs who are encountered with the lack of opportunities and fallen into the financial pressure.


Smart care tech makes serious attempts to create a platform for breaking the barriers and jumping over the difficulties to give the right track to the inventors and entrepreneurs while holding them on feet and providing an inviting environment for those who have advanced ideas and active souls.


There are a plenty of smart, innovative and creative works, accomplished by distinguished inventors, but for some reasons, they are trapped in a sort of closed circle that is hard for them to cross. Smart Care Tech aims to reach those inventors and show them the path, the guidance and the courage, so they can help developing their community and do something for the humanity.


In order to encourage the young talents for the invention and entrepreneurship, Smart care tech plans to organize invention competitions, seminars, workshops and conferences to raise awareness about the required skills for being an inventor. In addition, the association aims to establish a consultancy office for providing assistance on how to file a patent.


For the industrial sectors, Smart care tech plans to present them with smart and inventive ideas to be applied in the industry and result into the public welfare.


Training youth, women and children in the field of modern technology and advanced scientific research is the other objective for which Smart care tech makes efforts.



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